My research is situated at the intersection of theater studies, cultural studies and literary studies. Currently I am the principal investigator of the FWF Stand-Alone Project “Performing Gender in View of the Outbreak" at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna . I was a Hertha Firnberg Fellow (2016-2019) and an Elise Richter Fellow (2019-2021) of the Austrian Science Fund FWF. Before, I held a Postdoctoral Position at the Research Platform Elfriede Jelinek (University of Vienna). I was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Oxford (GB) and at the University of Ghent (BE) and have been teaching at the Universities of Bern (CH), Catania (IT), Graz and Vienna (AT). My current research focuses on questions of performing gender in times of (pandemic) crises, on practices of contemporary theatre, on the afterlife of ancient greek culture and theatre, and on gesture as a transdisciplinary and transcultural interface phenomenon. Following my Elise Richter Position at the University of Vienna, I earned my habilitation in November 2021 with a second book on the Theatre of Elfriede Jelinek (Vienna, forthcoming). I am the editor of “Kapital Macht Geschlecht” (Vienna, 2016), co-editor of “Das Meer im Blick” (Rome, 2018, together with Gabriele C. Pfeiffer), co-editor of a volume on Traces of The Tragic in Contemporary Theatre (Tübingen, 2020, together with Wera Hippesroither) and co-editor of “Susanne Kennedy: Reanimating the Theatre” (Tübingen, forthcoming, together with Inge Arteel and Kornee van der Haven). Since October 2022 I am Chair of the Working Group on Dramaturgy of the GTW (Gesellschaft für Theaterwissenschaft, together with Johanna Zorn). More Informations: